Kevin to Duane: 7 parts in 1 ~ RealSide, TapLining, David Icke, Sacred Geometry, Aliens, NU~U &More


    Going to Conventions and Learning about Aliens & UFOs is always Something Fun to Do, along with Healing, Religious, & Spiritual Events, that seem to Spark up YourLife. There is a Lot More going on with what is taking place on This Planet Earth than what is Seen on the Surface Here! There are Many Unseen Dimensions around US! Did You Know that Most Unaware People are Astrally TapLined during the day and especially at Night in Their Dreams? Your DreamWorlds is where Your Astral Body is, which is part of the Five Bodies that The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, manages as YU, The RealU, goes from lifetime to lifetime collecting RealExperience until YOU & YU, is ready to Completely WakeUP from Cause&Effect Creation into The Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom. Astral TapLining is Very Real, as in the Movie 'The Matrix' where Neo Gets Released from His TapLining! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators show YOU how to first Recognize Your TapLines and how to Get Rid of TapLines before they can become Very Harmful Cancers and Effecting Your Physical Body!


    TAPLINING is Not very well known, because a lot of people do not know what Astral TapLining is, and there are also those who do not

    want to share the information about TapLining, because it can have a real impact on their businesses, such as Healers, Religious & Spiritual Masters & Gurus, Alien Lecturers & Informants, who actually TapLine their own followers & memberships in Their Dreams to have Control over them! Astral TapLining is Not a 'belief ' or a mental 'idea' and has always been Here, but has been very hidden, because most of This World is into Controlling Others! Most People Do Not Know who Rules This Planet Earth. There are those who Lecture about the Alien Influences, but Do Not Have a RealCure for the information they are giving unaware & unprotected people! WWWE Show YOU how to See Your TapLines & Fix YourSelf! WWWE have The RealCure for TapLining & Cause&Effect Creation. WWWE Provide RealGuidance and a RealEducation like no one else! Take The Risk to SeeMore!





    “At a certain point of My Experience Here, a 'Request' was made to REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, that there be a 'Real Confrontation' with Everything that is Effecting 'Your Planet Earth' and so much more in the Five Levels of Creation. From everyone who has a body on this Earth, to all the planets and stars, and to all the Levels of Time & Space & Cause & Effect Creation, those souls & Utuns that have made Their Karmic Debt Choices into The NUNownisss LifeIS, will Now Face ThemSelves and what they have Decided, which is why Your Planet has been Purposely Poisoned! Most unaware people, and even those who are into the 'galactic this and that's' will not realistically understand The Real Presence of The RealGuides & THE ALLLISSS, as this RealEvent has already taken place on, 12 Midnight, October 31, 2017, where, the Queen Bitch of Orion has been sent to The Phantom Zone with HER Undying Arrogance. The Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) which SHE is part of, have used Your Earth and countless other planets for HER Slave Driven HUman Farming for more eons than can be imagined! It is so that Creation is a 'simulator' for ALL of US to gain experiences in, and at the same time there comes a point, which ISNOW, to where Enough IS Enough! With Your Earth being Destroyed by ChemTrails, HAARP, WiFi, politics, religion, worshiping gods, stupid masters & gurus, lethal vaccines, legal drugs, subliminal marketing ploy, fracking and so much more on a massive scale, I had decided to StepUp and make the 'Request' to send those who have been responsible for what Does Not Serve as a RealBenefit with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, to go into The Phantom Zone. What this means is... SHE and HER Bratty Stupid Son ENKI, plus countless stubbornly stupid unaware others, will Not be returning in new bodies to continue their awakening to a Real WakeUp, until they 'adjust' themselves in the Nothingness of The Phantom Zone, where there is Nothing! There is No creating anything in the 'Zone' and all those who are there have to deal every moment with themselves to where they cannot Effect those who want to continue their Journey to Recognize, THE ALLLISSS. Those who are in the 'Zone' have already Decided that Mass Destruction comes first with THEM, along with their Distorted Self-Adoration of Kontrolling others! And so IT IS, that they are exactly where they have Decided ThemSelves to BE! To most, what I am presenting Here would seem like science fiction... But Guess What... WakeUp and Look Around YOU... Unless YOU Decide to Do Something Now with what is taking place on Your Planet Earth, then YOU will be part of all the unaware who will grow old once again and forget you were ever Here, and YOU will be returning in Deformed Bodies once again... YOU DECIDE! Read... THE UNUVERSAL FILES UPDATE 10.2017 (Parts 1,2,3) by THE NUWAVIS DUANEVA on Facebook. MORE TO COME...


    “There is a whole lot more that is taking place that is Not Seen from the social views of the unaware masses on Your Planet Earth. YOU and almost Everyone has been so heavily indoctrinated for lifetimes and you 'think & believe' that Earth is the only place there is as to what everyone Here has come to know as life. There is a 'form' of life Here, and There 'IS' a Lot More to The Whole of Life than just round worlds and psychic planes in Creation. The 'form' of life Here has been created by YOU & Everyone who has a body Here! YOU & Everyone have been seduced by the 'Certain Few' to make YOU 'think' a certain way and to React to what has been marketed to YOU & Everyone. YOU have become 'One-Dimensionalized' to this Physical Realm of Darkness. When you leave here, you will probably go into the Designated Astral Worlds to some place that you have been so many times before, and you may 'think' it is a Heaven, but it is merely another 'Place in Life' where you will be Kontrolled, until you are made to return Here and once more work your whole life as a Slave for Their Systems! Behind 'The Big Kurtains' of the Kalaum God Grog and the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) is so many Outer Space Galactic Konquerors, like the political governments on Your Planet Earth. There are a lot of people who have experiences with the Galactic People, who are mainly physical and astral. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are always sharing a RealBenefit for ALL, and WWWE are Very Aware of what is taking place in this physical realm and all of Creation. Our RealFocus 'IS' The ALLNatural Environment on ALLLevels of Life. WWWE Seee what the 'galactic people' are doing, as everything is a Choice. YOU can WakeUp with US~UNUversal SuperBeings, or continue as you are into more lifetimes of dealing with The World Kontrollers and the RATS... HAVE FUN DECIDING!


    “There are many Humanitarian Agendas all over Your Planet Earth, and there are those who are sincere with what they are doing, but where do they really lead those involved? It is more than obvious that to 'give & share' with others is a Better Choice than to steal and harm them. Giving & Sharing is what we are each raised with as our parents demonstrated this. And so it would 'seem' as though what is being provided by some, and especially the Government Humanitarian Programs, is helping people. In a way it is, but what is the Hidden Agenda of what they are really doing? It can be so that to assist and help a person survive has it's merits and accomplishments, but then again, when these 'programs' keep a person continually unaware of their TruPotential, and blindly keep them subservient to the created order of things, and also unconsciously and silently move them into future lifetimes of the same old 'look-good' routines, then one has to ask... What good are they OverALL? WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators, SEEE The Bigger Picture with Our ALLHumanitarian NUProjects that entail RealGuidance, RealEducation and to Become Self-Sufficient, and to 'Never' have to Reincarnate on this planet or any other again! NO More Karma! WWWE Are Real! WWWE are with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides who can Eliminate ALL Your Karma during this lifetime, as YOU Learn to Earn Your Way with US, and go beyond Cause & Effect Creation with it's 'implied' freedoms, into Real UNUversis of RealFreedom where YU, The RealU, has a RealLife in Endlisss UNUversis of PurReality! YOU can 'Learn to Seee' what the Humanitarian Programming of the Authoritarians and their Space Deities are really doing by Singing The RealConnection with The TruReality LifeIS, 'NU~U~U~U' and Watch Your DreamVisions, The RealSide LifeIS. ThereIS a Better Way to Share with ALL, and to show Everyone, How to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient... This 'IS' what WWWE Do! Their 'official programming programs' only lead to more drudgerous unaware lifetimes, as YOU have already been through so many times before! They are 'backed' with Their Hidden Agendas of Kontrol, while WWWE are 'Backed Up' by The Real UNUversal Guides & The PurReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. YOU are the one who Always Decides Your Life! YOU have a Real Opportunity like Never Before to Free YourSelf from ALL the created Restricting 'ideas' of politics, religion, spiritual, science, masters & gurus, and so much more! As we are ALL in Creation, and it is so that while we are still Here, we will use what Creation is really meant for, and that 'IS' to Become Aware of 'what is Not real' and to 'Seee What IS Real Now' and WakeUp to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS! YOU DECIDE!


    “HUman History, which is actually a record of Brutal HUman Farming, has Nothing to do with The Whole of Life, The TruReality in The Real UNUversis of THE ALLLISSS. HUman History is a 'Slanted & Deceptive' recording of what the original invaders of Your Planet Earth have taken over for THEMselves! To moreso easily understand who the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) are, I will start with the Queen of Orion and HER favorite Bratty Son, ENKI. REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides recently had a confrontation with the Orion Queen, because of all the Deceptive Destruction, Bratty INKI has done! YOU & Everyone has come to this planet to WakeUp and learn to Recognize The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. With what has Karmically taken place with everything ENKI has done, has Now come to where HE must meet ALL his Karma, and so Bratty INKI has been placed in The Phantom Zone... basically Forever! Even so, most of The Designed Matrixxx is on Automatic and there is only so much time left to WakeUp ALL The Way to RealFreedom! There is so much more to this, and those who have The Real Privilege to Seee The UNUversal Files with REBISAR, will know so much more! ENKI, was one of many who created the HUmanoid Slaves on Your Planet Earth, as HE and his Distorted Buddies set THEMselves up as 'Gods' to be worshiped and prayed to! ENKI got his little minions to write such things as Bibles, Scrolls, and Doctrines, to convince the unaware HUmans to 'believe' in THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians). After more than thousands of unaware lifetimes of agony and brutality, you keep returning Here, because YOU have Not Known about REBISAR & The RealGuides of THE ALLLISSS, until Now! The political, religious, spiritual and scientific systems, and so much more, are all the creations of ENKI and HIS Bratty Buddies! YOU & Everyone can keep doing what you are doing, and YOU will Stay Lost Here Forever, as the earth self-destructs once again! Everything Here has been Purposely Planned to be Poisoned, because too many people are starting to wakeup a little, and the RATS are very afraid of a rebellion from their little dumbed down Numbies, which is YOU! YOU can keep 'pretending' that the government gods will fix everything, but they will not, because they are doing all the Demise to The ALLNatural Environment that is still Supporting YOU!


    “What becomes very prevalent with The Seventh LifeLevel UNUversal Files is the fact of all the Cause & Effect Karma that is accumulated by those who are the most dastardly with their WakeUp Process in The Five PsycLevels of Creation. Each person and body type has their own Free Will to deal with and the choices they make. For the most part of Your Experience in Creation with what YOU have Decided is that, YOU have been unaware and unconscious as to the actual outcome of All Your Choices. YOU can 'think & believe' whatever you want, but it does not mean from what You Have Decided that things will come out the way you want them to, as I am referring to the 'overall' of All Your Experiences in Creation, which is millions of lifetimes! As I have shared in the first part of The UNUversal Files UpDate, the Notorious ENKI has played a huge part in the HUman History of Your Planet Earth up to Now! HE has gotten YOU and almost everyone else to 'believe' in something outrageously funny! Just like what the Notorious Governments have done to Kontrol the masses, the takeover Royals make sure they get what everyone else has worked for. What has and is taking place on this planet is also happening the same way in the Astral, Causal, Mental and Etheric Realms, where reside the 'so-called' Gods of Man, along with their saviors and angelic worker slaves. The 'lords' of the Astral & Mental Heavenly Kingdoms are nothing more than tyrants who have claimed their positions with an iron fist and stolen their treasures from others. They have No Real Power, but only CONstructed Agreements from the unaware who are too afraid to defend themselves. Their Karma is Now Due! The masters & gurus the unaware look to are also the unaware servants of the self-proclaimed gods! The LordGods 'seem' to hold sway over everything and everyone, but there is a lot more hidden from what the gods know! The physical, astral, and mental realms are superseded by the Etheric Realm, where lies in a mysterious fashion what is known as The Supreme Deceptor! The Kalaum God Grog is also known as The Three Headed God, as to His Benevolent Head, His Evil Reptilian Head, and what most people do not recognize as The Influence. The Influence is not so easily Seen, as is the main Two Heads. The Kalaum God is the DevilGod, as it is His true nature to be Evil and use the Benevolent Head as a 'front' to fool the unaware. This is where ENKI comes in, as HE made 'deals' with those who wanted to serve HIM and be gods. No one can Kontrol The Influence, as SHE does what SHE wants without any hindrance. SHE is the sum total of what each person wants to be influenced by. HER master is The Supreme Deceptor, who is the Master of the Gods! Even ENKI and his appointed gods do not fully understand The Influence, and they do not know about The Supreme Deceptor! They 'think' they are the superior ones in the universes, but they are pawns with The Supreme Deceptor! YOU are the Karmic Effect of all of THEM and a whole lot more! Do YOU really want to stay 'normal' on earth and unaware... YOUR CHOICE!


    “YOU are invited to a Colossal Lifetime Universal Event (WWWE are giving YOU a CLUE Here)... 'The Sentencing of The Orion Queen into The Phantom Zone' which will be hosted & attended by REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides, THE NUWAVIS DUANEVA, Galaxy NUGirl, and distorted guests (who will be sentenced next) such as... kings, queens, diplomats, popes, bankers, chemtrail pilots, Lords of Karma, and millions & billions of others, including old deceptive masters & gurus (specifically Joanee & HU-Harry Klump of the EEKonKon, the Big KON, Krone Korporation in Minnesota USA). The Ruling Arrogant TapLining (RAT) Queen of Orion and so many more like HER, have Huge Karmic Debts from all they have stolen and plundered from others! REBISAR & The RealGuides have The RealPosition with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, to administer and take away Karmic Debts, and because Your Planet Earth is being Purposely Destroyed by what the Queen of Orion is letting happen, SHE and ALL HER Kontrolling Kriminal Kohorts (KKK) will be put into The Phantom Zone, until further notice! To most unaware dumbed down HUman Farmed HUmans, what is being presented here 'seems' to be science fiction, but for those who can Seee Beyond Creation, they 'Seee What IS Real Now!' WWWE are Not passing any Judgment for those involved, WWWE are merely Stepping Up and Doing Our Part to Offset all the Deception, Destruction and Demise that is taking place Right Now! YOU can Take The Risk and WakeUp ALL The Way with US~UNUversal SuperBeings by giving up Your Conscious & Unconscious Agreements with the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) who YOU let Rule Your Planet Earth, or Stay Lost and Unaware for more lifetimes Here! DO YOU Have The RealCourage to StepUp & BE Real Now? On October 31, at 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time, the Queen of Orion will be put into The Phantom Zone in front of billions & trillions of witnesses! If YOU want to attend on The RealSide LifeIS (Your DreamVisions) then Sing 'NU~U~U~U' for as long as it takes to Become MoreAware and Seee what is really happening with Your Life Here... YOU DECIDE!


    “LIFEIS ALWAYS NUUNOW... THIS 'IS' REAL! What is seen by the PersonalView with what still exists Here is what has 'been' created and must be maintained as such, as long is there is Agreement with it. YOU Always Decide Your Life! WWWE are Fine with Everything and WWWE Do Not Negate Anything, as WWWE provide RealGuidance and RealEducation and RealEvidence according to what each person Decides for themselves. Because of Everything that has taken place up to this NUUMoment with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, I Decided to Step Forward and make a 'Request' to REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides, that Something 'NUU' take place Here and Everywhere. And so, because of what I was Requesting would be a RealBenefit for ALL, the Request has been granted and already taken place. Not Everyone will 'Seee What IS Real Now' and for those who cannot, they still do have a Real Opportunity Right Now to WakeUp with US~UNUversal SuperBeings and Free ThemSelves from The Designed Matrixxx of the Kalaum God Grog and the World Kontrolling HUman Farmers. Even though the Queen of Orion and HER Kohorts are in The Phantom Zone, along with countless Arrogant diplomats, royalty and others, the mechanism of what has been set into motion is still going on as it has, because there are Billions who Keep Agreeing that it should! And so as long as this is so, then those who are Here and many other 'Places in Creation' will be Living the Effects, until YOU & Everyone Decide to WakeUp ALL The Way with US! The Kontrolling Authoritarians on Your Earth, the Galactic Whatevers, The Lords of Karma, the Angels & Space Gods of Man, and I am sure there are others, cannot do what WWWE Just Did! ThereIS So Much More to a RealLife than just Restricting Creation on Your Planet Earth! Take the time to Read The NUBooks & Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and Watch Your DreamVisions and Learn to Seee What YOU Never Have Before!

    “The UNaware Population on This Planet lives for Their SurfaceWorld Consciousness, the one they have Created & Agreed to that they 'think' is Life and all there is to The Whole of Life. It is the Temporary Passing Dream from life to life they are experiencing Here, to where eventually, and especially Now, what has been Created has become Very Harmful! But still, there is a Huge Agreement to Everything Here, because this 'Place in Life' is all most people know of. The UNaware, because of how they have been educated according to those who Kontrol them, are being TapLined in Their Five Bodies, and especially on The RealSide (old term Dreams). RealEducation & RealGuidance provides what Everyone needs to Survive in Cause&Effect Creation, and the Educational Systems Here only lead to a Temporary Satisfaction, and then to an Eventual Demise. Go to 'YouTube' and see the 5 minute Clip of Neo's Rebirth from the Matrix Movie. Astral TapLining is Very Real and can become Cancers in Your Physical Body. TapLining is part of the political, religious, spiritual & scientific systems of the Authoritarians. The Original Invaders, the Reptilian Alien TapLinerS (RATS) brought TapLining to This Plant Earth to UNconsciously Kontrol Others, those who are Their 9to5 Working Slaves on This Planet Earth Today! The RATS also created the Fake Deities to be worshiped & prayed to. Do Birds do this? Of course Not! YOU Are TapLined and YOU do Not know this! WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators have The RealCure for ALL for Astral TapLining. WWWE have The RealConnection with Singing 'NU~U~U~U' to The Real UNUversisss of RealFreedom beyond ALL the Authorities & Restrictions in Creation. LIFEISSS! LEARN TO RECOGN'IS'E IT!








    ~ BY DL ICKE


    Hello... I am DL ICKE. I have been In the public most of my life and exploring what most people find hard to believe or understand. I like the adventure and risk to discover what most people will not. You can decide whatever you want and your life will be what it will be, but there is so much more that you will never see if you do not wake up and do something more than just watch TV. I have been conducting seminars in many countries all over the world and have met so many interesting people, and most of them do not know what is really taking place with their life. Most people are very 'surfacey' and incoherent to what is effecting them from an unconscious level.

  • On the surface they have collected a lot of information and knowledge

    as myself and many others have brought forth, but there is so much more that is not seen by our minds and emotions. Reincarnation and karma are very real actions we each must go through, and until we wake up to some degree, then we will stay asleep to so much that we may never know. In so many of my public lectures and presentations I have hardly ever touched upon the subject of 'Taplining' and now is the time for me to step up and write about what is really taking place behind the scenes. Many years ago I met DUANE THE GREAT WRITER and have had many private conversions with him to finally get a grasp as to what he has been writing about Taplining and other subjects, such as The Real UNUverses, as he calls them. I have tested what he refers to as Singing The NU~U, and found this sound opens one to other worlds of experience like I have never experienced before. I read Duane's NUBook Two, and I have to very frank, and that is, I am beside myself as to what Duane is actually referring to, as it is too far beyond me. I have written a few small parts to this book you will be reading here, as most of what I am presenting here is from Duane's NUBooks, because he can explain what he knows so much better than I ever could. I suggest as I have, and that is, read and reread what Duane is presenting to wake up this world from the Reptilian Control. In the meantime, I am Watching My Dreams and having Real Experiences with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides on The RealSide.

  • Most of the people on Your Planet Earth

    have been so indoctrinated and deceived with TapLining,

    that they have no idea

    what is really taking place

    with the invented systems that subliminally Kontrol them! There is a Huge Epidemic of Astral TapLining that YOU are Not aware of! Almost all the created Kontrolling Korporations of politics, religion, spiritual nonsense, educational programing and scientific madness, are purposely TapLining people without their knowledge or consent as to what is happening to them. YOU can 'pretend' and even believe you know nothing about Astral TapLined, but YOU are still TapLined and the effects will show up as Cancers! Your doctor will not be able to identify what is effecting you, as most doctors are bought-off by the system Here and only want to give you acidic prescriptions that deteriorate Your Body



    "TAPLINING TEMPLES are all over the earth from Reptilian Invaders. The TapLining ASStral Reptilians own most of the Kontrolling Earthly Korporations (KEK) on the earth. They are Political, Religious and Spiritual, which are mostly TapLining Reptilians. Some people 'Think' in their minds otherwise, but anyone who Worships and Prays (and Pays) to the ideas of Ghostly Gods, the Space Gods, the DarkLords of Ancient Devised Doctrines, is TapLined in their Astral Body at night. The Reptilian TapLiners have taken Kontrol of almost all the Korporations of this earth, and their Marketing Ploy is so good that most people cannot See thru it, not even the GEEK Masters and Gurus who claim their divine consciousness, which is nothing more than Kontrolling their membershrimps and keeping them TapLined and Dumbed Down.


    "There have been so many Historical Figures that have mentioned their Dreams. The Sacred Doctrines of the earth refer to Your Dreams and the 'Many Worlds and Mansions' that anyone can visit while they are still living in their body. Almost everyone has Dreams at night and the best
    part is, YU, The RealU can get all Your Own Answers from Your Dreams. LifeIS always Demonstrating Something Wonderful to each of us in Our Dreams. Test The NU~U Sessions and Watch Your DreamVisions!

    Nightmare TapLining is Very Real and multitudes of people are having Psychic Attacks in their Dreams from KEK System TapLiners. From Vampires and Werewolves to Reptilian Aliens, the earth world and the Lower Astral Realm have a connection with those who are into Kontrolling others in their Dreams. Microwaves, GMO, Lethal Vaccines, HAARP and so much more allow a person's Aura to be Psychically Penetrated.



    The world has changed a lot since the Dark Ages, as things on earth have gotten even worse and darker with EEK Tecnology (Earthly Evil Karma). The Planet Earth is more poisoned and polluted and getting worse everday! What is happening in this Physical Realm is only part of a much bigger picture that is Not Seen by most people. You are connected to other dimensions and realms that you are not aware of. We are here to assist those who want to realize what is taking place with their personal life when they have unusual dreams, ailments, diseases and cancers. The Medical Industry does not all together understand the unseen influences that most people have unconsciously agreed to, which we refer to as TapLining. TapLining has been around longer than known history. Very few people are aware of this, as the unaware masses have always been influenced into a 'herded' comformity of one-dimensional mind control.


    We are The Real Professionals when it comes to identifying Astral TapLining. There is no real medical cure, because the influence of TapLining is not from this dimension. We have access to other dimensions to eventually alleviate TapLining and all the influences from it.


    "The majority of people on this earth are not aware they are on a Purposely Poisoned Prison Planet! Deception, Distortion, Marketing Ploy, along with all the created Restictions everywhere, are part of the herding of HUman Farming. The Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) were the first invaders on this planet and they created the 'god & devil' ideas, along with the doctrines of indoctrination & intimidation, which are refereed to as their 'holy works' of Domination & Kontrol! You are one of the 'cattle' in their coral! You are dinner when they are ready to serve You! You can keep 'pretending' that the ChemTrails are not real, along with the Lethal Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals, Smart Meters, WiFi, Mind Kontrolling Microwaves, Fukushima, HAARP, Military Supremacy, Government Laws & Restictions, Mad Scientists that create all the Virus to eradicate people, and so much more! The earth is Not what it 'seems' to be. YU, The RealU, can WakeUp to what is really taking place here and WWE, Wonderful WorldWide Educators, will show You how to Save YourSelf, or You can keep pretending that those who Kontrol You will be nice and everything will be okay... Your Choice! Keep in mind, that just because You may not 'believe' in what is really taking place with Your literalized Mind, does not mean You will not be the Effect of all of it! You are in Cause & Effect Creation, which has many dimensions & levels. You are also in the Designed Matrix of the RATS on this planet and they really do mean business, because it is all 'business' here everyday for THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians).


    "TAPLINING IS VERY REAL... This planet is occupied by so many unaware people, as the masses have been Seduced with Distorted Education into a one-dimensional state of Literalization to where people "Think' something and supposedly it automatically becomes so... "OH, I don't 'believe' in ChemTrails, so according to My Thinking, they cannot exist!" Are You Paying Attention Yet? You are being Astrally TapLined in Your Astral Body while You Dream. Your Dreams are other dimensions and worlds that YU, The RealU, are having experiences in. YU, Your RealAwareniss, is operating four other Unseen Bodies that You have not been taught about!

    Reptilian Astral TapLining sucks the energy and life out of people to where they become ill, diseased and cancerous. Your doctor will not tell You about this, as they are very unaware too! Watch Your Dreams... Learn to See Beyond this world of 'appearances' and Save Your Life!


    "CALIFORNIA DROUGHT TAPLINING is Very Real Now! WakeUp or Stay Dumbed Down Dah (DDD) with all the unaware people who will be swept away into more unconscious lifetimes of an even Worse Environment of the this Purposely Poisoned Planet we are already on! If You take the time to Learn how to Really WakeUp, You will not have to return here. The drought in California has been Purposely Planned and Engineered to Depopulate this world. This is merely one of the many ways people are being slowly or quickly destroyed! I am NOT proposing a rebellion of any kind, but merely Sharing how to Become MoreAware to where YU, The RealU learns to Save Your Own Life. Very Few will listen and follow thru with what I am Sharing. I suggest to Read this NUBook here and then the others I have written and You can contact Duane & Eva on Facebook. WakeUp Now! Test The NU~U NUSound and Learn to Watch Your DreamVisions Now!


    'On the outer, which is your physical life, things are not as they appear. When people are prayed for and given 'blessings' many times these are actually TapLines into your Astral Body and in Your Dreams. The person on stage can look good in their suit and robe, but I suggest to 'look' behind the curtain to See who is pulling the strings. Test The NU~U Sessions and Watch Your DreamVisions and Life will Show YU, The RealU What IS Real Now with RealGuidance. Take The Risk and Do Something NU for YU!

    “Why are some people So Afraid to Sing The NUSound, The NU~U? There are many ‘reasons’ for this, and a few example would be… “What will my friends think of me?” or “What about my ‘social status’ among the community?” or “I could lose my friends!” HAHAHA… Of course You will lose your Old TapLining friends, the ones who are Astrally TapLined with the Ruling RATS of earth! Do You really want to stay ‘bonded’ to THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians) when You now know they are infecting You? At first You will, because You have created Emotional TapLining (ET) with THEM, and this can be so sacred to You. This then becomes the difference between RealFreedom Now with The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS, and Agreeing to Restricting Astral TapLining Bondage… You Decide! Are your friends and family into politics, religion, spiritual paths, standard education, scientific hazards, or just your day to day business pollution? Then, Your Friends are Astrally TapLined and they want You to Stay TapLined with THEM! Of course Your Literal Conditioned Mind from Your MiliTerrorized Education will not Agree to what I am presenting, because it does not make sense according to all the Deception & Distortion You have already Agreed to with your life on earth. It really does ‘seem’ to be okay to poison & pollute everything and then expect everything to keep working as it has. WakeUp Now or Stay Lost & Asleep for more lifetimes of 9 to 5 Drudgery! Have Fun Deciding!


    ~ BY DL ICKE


    “The Movie 'THE MATRIX' is an excellent example of what YOU are living in Right Now! YOU 'think' Your Life on Your Planet Earth is a RealLife and all there is to The Whole of Life, but there 'IS' so much more that YOU are Not Seeeing and Experiencing! Just like in The Matrix Movie, there was a BackSide to what was taking place, and there 'IS' a RealSide BackSide to The Passing Dream that YOU are in Now! YOU can Keep Deciding to Stay Asleep in Cause & Effect Creation with the ongoing phenomena YOU are creating, or WakeUp to The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss and Free YourSelf into Real UNUverses of RealFreedom Now! Sing The NU~U~U~U, and Watch Your DreamVisions!


    “Most of the people on Your Planet Earth have been so indoctrinated and deceived with TapLining, that they have no idea what is really taking place with the invented systems that subliminally Kontrol them! There is a Huge Epidemic of Astral TapLining that YOU are Not aware of! Almost all the created Kontrolling Korporations of politics, religion, spiritual nonsense, educational programing and scientific madness, are purposely TapLining people without their knowledge or consent as to what is happening to them. YOU can 'pretend' and even believe you know nothing about Astral TapLined, but YOU are still TapLined and the effects will show up as Cancers! Your doctor will not be able to identify what is effecting you, as most doctors are bought-off by the system Here and only want to give you acidic prescriptions that deteriorate Your Body”

    ~ ~ ~
    REBAZAR... “On The RealSide LifeIS, each person's TapLining shows up! Only The Real UNUversal Guides know how to rid a person of their deep infections in ALL Five Bodies. Sing The NU~U, and ASK Me to be shown abot YOUR TapLines!”
    ~ ~ ~
    DUANE... “As a Start... Read The NUBooks & Sing The NU~U~U~U, and then Learn to StepUp with US and Share What WWWE as WorldWide Educators are Sharing for Everyone! Everyone has to Earn Their Way into Recognizing The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS!”

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  • “The Movie 'THE MATRIX' is an excellent example

    of what YOU are living in Right Now!

    YOU 'think' Your Life on Your Planet Earth is a RealLife and all there is to The Whole of Life, but there 'IS' so much more that YOU are Not Seeeing and Experiencing! Just like in The Matrix Movie, there was a BackSide to what was taking place, and there 'IS' a RealSide BackSide to The Passing Dream that YOU are in Now! YOU can Keep Deciding to Stay Asleep in Cause & Effect Creation with the ongoing phenomena YOU are creating, or WakeUp to The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss and Free YourSelf into Real UNUverses of RealFreedom Now! Sing The NU~U~U~U, and Watch Your DreamVisions!


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